The Salutation Inn


In the time when Topsham was an important port, there was a need for accommodation for merchants and travellers, some of whom were travelling on to the continent by sea. The Salutation Inn opened in 1720 as a coaching inn, on what, some sources suggest, was previously the site of a granary. In 1768, the inn was rebuilt by a Mr Baker who had become a wealthy man after a poor childhood. When James Moore kept the Salutation in the 1870s, it was described as a hotel and posting-house.

The frame of the door appears to have been cut away in order to have given better headroom for the stage-coaches. It was starting point for the Topsham to Exeter coach in 1777 according to the EFP, and has been described as one of the largest single leaf doors in the country.

The modern Salutation presents a frontage that has barely changed since 1720, when it first opened as a coaching inn. Frustratingly, the interior has not been so lucky, and the pub has now been converted to a pretentious hotel / cafe and seems unlikely to serve only drinks.

By this point, you may have enough Dutch courage to ask them for a beer, but you might only get a telling off!

68 Fore Street,

(01392) 873060